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Trainer, Sport Scientist, Nutritional Advisor, & Sponsored Athlete

Welcome to the official site of Personal Trainer & UKBFF Northwest & Bodypower Champion Danny Arnold 

With nearly 10 years experince Danny is one of the most sought after personal trainers in Merseyside. Danny's attention to detail and passion for achieving his clients goals is what has made him so popular. He believes that each person has a different body type based on their genetics; which can range from different hormone levels, different metabolic rates, different ratios of fast twitch to slow twitch muscle fibres etc (the list is complicated) which means that people need to eat and train differently. It is this individual approach to addressing his clients needs which has got him results.

Danny provides one to one Personal Training & Group Personal Training in St Helens, where he has access to a well fascilitated gym, and online coaching to help people reach their health and fitness goals. 

Body transformations being his speciality, contact him if you'd like to:
Lose fat and educate yourself to keep it off
Build, shape or define muscle
Tone areas
Get Stronger, Healtheir, Better
Have confidence 
Create the body of an athlete or fitness model 

Get Nutritional and Supplement advice


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